Our 3½-year-old son has been attending Mi Escuelita for about six months
now. We have been thrilled with his experience there under the loving and
attentive care of Inés. His love for nature, art, dance, cooking,
exploration, music, stories, and the outdoors is welcomed and nurtured
there. He is thriving. He now understands Spanish and speaks some of it,
while he is also growing socially, emotionally, and creatively. He gets a
wonderful amount of physical activity and fresh air, and then more often
than not, a great nap – and this after he had given up naps with us many
months ago! This is a gem of a school, tucked away on an unassuming street
in Daly City, without the bells and whistles of some programs, made rich
through Inés’ deep respect for children and her ability to honor their
experience in a rare and precious way.

Amanda Halpin, RN, MS, NP

mobile: (415) 370-5371

Mi Escuelita en Español is a warm, friendly, joyful environment for my three-year
old son and his schoolmates. Inés does many wonderful activities with the children
- cooking, gardening, sand and water play, storytelling, singing and dancing. She
uses elements of the Waldorf philosophy to teach the children to respect the earth
and to treat each other with kindness and respect. The children occasionally go on
fun outings to the explore the neighborhood, such as trips to the park, the local
taqueria or just to collect pine cones and leaves. Inés places a high priority of
feeding the children healthy, organic snacks and lunches. When I arrive for pickup
time, my son is happy, well-nourished and chattering away en español. We love Mi


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