Just as there is a rhythm in life, a weekly and daily rhythm is important  for  children. It helps them to feel safe in this space called “childcare”.

The consistency of spending these early years in the care of the same teacher supports a foundation of trust and security; benefits that will last a lifetime.

Mi Escuelita en Español program is specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of children prior to kindergarten. Our daily activities work to support the healthy development motor skills, thereby stimulating brain development. In this way the pleasure of our work and play goes hand in hand with preparing for the academic work that lies ahead.

With the seasons of the year as our guide, the daily rhythm includes creative indoor and outdoor work and play, joyful movement, music and song, arts and crafts, cooking and baking, rest, story telling and puppetry. A healthy organic snack including fresh, seasonal and local (whenever possible) ingredients is provided.

Mornings begin indoors or outdoors, depending on the day,  we may bake bread, have watercolor painting, make seasonal crafts followed by cleanup time.  There are simple, natural toys available for the children that bring imaginative play.  We sing rhymes and verses throughout the day.

During our morning meeting time, we do Yoga for kids, tell stories, usually with puppets, we thank mother earth, light a candle and complete the morning with bathroom breaks and snack time making sure to always wash hands before and after.
We are active participants in our whole outdoor environment. We encourage our children to play creative games in our big sand area with buckets and shovels. We all work together to maintain our garden, plant and trim together to encourage love and respect for nature, routinely picking of leaves, watering flowers and checking on our worm friends. Outdoor activities also include art, painting, music and dance with ribbons.  We spend picnics and BBQ’s on wooden seats! In our wooden toy store we sell groceries and prepare foods in our fabulous kitchen.

After lunch it is nap time.

I hold a safe, loving and calm environment.  With permission I do gentle foot massages with lavender cream.  It matters a great deal to me how we as human beings treat each other and I know clearly from my own child and the children who come here that the more warmly and gently I speak to them, the warmer and gentler they are with each other.

Once or twice per month we take our kids on adventurous field trips such as: lunch at the taqueria, the Latin supermarket, the library, the farm or visit different parks, walks in the neighborhood, and art projects at the senior home. Mi Escuelita en Español is also proud to host special guest like local folk dance groups and Home Depot who has conducted art workshops with natural wood materials. I meet with parents one-on-one to discuss children’s progress.